Tamanawas Falls

Hiker: Stacey Holeman Favorite Oregon Hike: Tamanawas Falls Hiking Tips: If you’re willing to scramble over rocks you can climb in behind the falls.


Tumalo Mountain

Hiker: Kevin Farron Favorite Oregon Hike: Tumalo Mountain Hiking Tips: Go early in the morning, start at first light and catch the sunrise at the top. Best part about it? In the summer, you can still be back to work in Bend by 9 a.m. Know anyone else who can climb a mountain before work? Social: @oradventurer


Sutton Mountain Wilderness

Hiker: Ray DeBaun  Favorite Oregon Hike: Sutton Mountain Wilderness study area Hiking Tips: Can be dry and hot with very little shade  


Wychus Creek Trail

Hiker: Valerie Saiki Favorite Oregon Hike: Wychus Creek Trail Hiking Tips: Always bring your dog(s) hiking on cool days! Look for hikes along river trails when it’s hot—the canopy helps keep the trail cool. Social: @valpsyche


Main Eagle Trail

Hiker: Kathleen Johnson Favorite Oregon Hike: Main Eagle Trail Hiking Tips: Snacks, water, comfy hiking shoes, and a camera (so beautiful!)


Sparks Lake

Hiker: Shane Cotee Favorite Oregon Hike: Sparks Lake  Social: @theadaptive


Columbia Gorge

Hiker: Brian Jim Favorite Oregon Hike: Columbia Gorge Hiking Tips: Camera or phone, water, jacket, snack.


Broken Top Mountain Glacier Tarn

Hiker: Steve J. Giardini Favorite Oregon Hike: Broken Top Mountain Glacier Tarn Hiking Tips: Start at Todd Lake or drive the service road for a closer start. Pace yourself, take clothing for ALL kinds of weather, and be safe. Social: @giardiniphotography


Silver Falls

Hiker: Jeremy Forrest Favorite Oregon Hike: Silver Falls Hiking Tips: Camera, water, food—the normal essentials. So many waterfalls to see on a fairly easy hike in terms of elevation and the trail goes behind some of them. Social: @jpforrest