Spring Wildflower Hikes

If you can’t wait until summer, though, these lower-elevation hikes are dotted with wildflowers earlier in the season.

Five Hikes for the Whole Family

If you’re starting to piece together an agenda for summer break, consider tacking on these hikes that are short enough—and interesting enough—to hold kids’ interest.


Hiking in Portland

An often-cited perk of living in Portland is its proximity to Oregon’s natural wonders. The city is almost an equal distance from the mountains as it is from the coast. But if you’re looking for an easy escape within city limits, here are three places to explore.


Summit Structures

The summer of 1910 was a devastating season for Oregon’s wilderness.


Ideas for Spring Break in Oregon

Need last minute inspiration for Oregon adventures to take this spring? Here are five stories from 1859’s archives to get you out the door.


5 Accessible Adventures

Oregon has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and adventuring, but many places aren’t accessible to people with disabilities or limited mobility.


Hiking Oregon’s “Banana Belt”

By this time of year, cabin fever has likely set in. We yearn for sunshine, even if that means dusty trails. Luckily for Oregonians, there are microclimates within reach that create a “banana belt” effect—warmer average temperatures than surrounding areas.