Photographer Captures Oregon’s Starscapes


Ben Canales got into photography after an accident with a table saw. His friend lent him a camera to bide his time while his hand healed, and Oregon’s landscapes proved a worthy subject. One night while soaking in the Paulina Lake hot springs, Canales found an even more brilliant take on Oregon spaces. He was enraptured by the Milky Way overhead and fiddled with the camera until he got a picture speckled with more stars than he could see with a naked eye. Since then, he has spent six years turning his lenses to the night sky, and his photography has taken him on adventures across Oregon.

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  1. says: Roger Keiffer

    The saying" one door closes and another opens " comes to mind …Your door was opened extra wide….you found your talent…stay the course. Beautiful shots. Hope to run into you out there somewhere, someday.

  2. says: Michael

    Beautiful shadow and light! Where can we see more of your art? I don't know if you lost a finger on that saw but it looks like you grew two or three to take it's place!

  3. says: Kathy Mertens

    I guess that was God’s gift to all of us in a round-about manner then! Fantastic photos and what an eye for the art in front of him!