Sparks Lake

Hiker: Shane Cotee Favorite Oregon Hike: Sparks Lake  Social: @theadaptive


Columbia Gorge

Hiker: Brian Jim Favorite Oregon Hike: Columbia Gorge Hiking Tips: Camera or phone, water, jacket, snack.


Broken Top Mountain Glacier Tarn

Hiker: Steve J. Giardini Favorite Oregon Hike: Broken Top Mountain Glacier Tarn Hiking Tips: Start at Todd Lake or drive the service road for a closer start. Pace yourself, take clothing for ALL kinds of weather, and be safe. Social: @giardiniphotography


Butte Creek Falls

Hiker: Shawn Forsythe Favorite Oregon Hike: Butte Creek Falls Hiking Tips: Walking stick, camera, water, snack, wear layers


Ice Lake

Hiker: June Starkey Favorite Oregon Hike: Ice Lake in Joseph, Oregon Hiking Tips: Trekking poles, food provisions and strength


Estacada Lake

Hiker: Michelle Wonderling Favorite Oregon Hike: Estacada Lake near Milo McIver State Park


Eagle Creek Trail

Hiker: Douglas Keder  Favorite Oregon Hike: Eagle Creek Trail Hiking Tips: It can get hot in the summer, so go early in the day. Social: @dougkeder


Mt. Hood’s Elk Cove

Hiker: Wesley Chancellor Favorite Oregon Hike: Mt. Hood’s Elk Cove Hiking Tips: Mt. Hood’s Elk Cove is a wildflower wonderland if visited at the right time — usually late July, early August. Barret spur is a short 2.5 mile hike from elk cove. It is however a serious butt burner. At just about 1100 feet elevation gain per mile. Trekking poles are a big help on the way down. Or make a quick decent jump on one of the glaciers and glissade down! Social: @wesleycphoto


Cool Campers

Camping doesn’t have to mean pitching a tent and hoping for the best weather. These Oregon-made trailers and adventure mobiles make camping an experience that combines vintage American charm with modern conveniences.