Loon Outdoors Fly-Fishing: Eco-friendly fly-fishing gear

Alan Peterson was an avid outdoorsman, but he didn’t even own a fly rod when he landed his first job out of college with Loon Outdoors, a small fly-fishing company in Boise. In 2007, he had an opportunity to buy the business and seized it. Three years later, Peterson moved the headquarters to his idea of an outdoor mecca: Ashland.


Athlete Profile: Diego Valeri

Sport: Soccer, Portland Timbers Hometown: Lanus, Argentina Age: 29 photo by Craig Mitchelldyer You were born and lived most of your life in Argentina. Is living in Oregon a totally different experience? No, not so different, actually. For me, it’s one of the nicest places I’ve lived …It’s amazing. Some Portland neighborhoods are very similar to Buenos Aires—mostly in the North Portland area, the other side of the river. You have the same sort of hills … It makes me feel good, you know? You were either first or second in MLS in assists the past two seasons, but you’ve also scored twenty-one goals during that same timespan. Can we call you a natural scorer? I’m not a natural. I’m more of a system player. I want to assist, create more than score. But sometimes, goals happen. It’s a good accident. I like to be smart, really think the game; think about my teammates. But it’s good—the team needs scoring, too. You’ve already been Newcomer of the Year…

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6 Romantic Trips For Two

The 363 miles of Pacific Coast Scenic Byway (Highway 101) is a splendid backdrop for romance.


Combo Adventures

The beauty of being an Oregonian is having pristine and diverse ecosystems across the state. Creative people can get the most out of these natural playgrounds with multimodal transportation. These trips are for the gear hounds and the curious.


McNeil Point

Hiker: Ronald Hope Favorite Oregon Hike: McNeil Point Social:@ronaldhopephoto


Tamanawas Falls

Hiker: Stacey Holeman Favorite Oregon Hike: Tamanawas Falls Hiking Tips: If you’re willing to scramble over rocks you can climb in behind the falls.


Tumalo Mountain

Hiker: Kevin Farron Favorite Oregon Hike: Tumalo Mountain Hiking Tips: Go early in the morning, start at first light and catch the sunrise at the top. Best part about it? In the summer, you can still be back to work in Bend by 9 a.m. Know anyone else who can climb a mountain before work? Social: @oradventurer


Sutton Mountain Wilderness

Hiker: Ray DeBaun  Favorite Oregon Hike: Sutton Mountain Wilderness study area Hiking Tips: Can be dry and hot with very little shade  


Wychus Creek Trail

Hiker: Valerie Saiki Favorite Oregon Hike: Wychus Creek Trail Hiking Tips: Always bring your dog(s) hiking on cool days! Look for hikes along river trails when it’s hot—the canopy helps keep the trail cool. Social: @valpsyche