5 Hikes on Oregon’s Coast

Some say it’s about the journey, but these hikes are all about the destination.


14 Reasons Why We Love Oregon

In honor of Oregon’s 157th birthday on February 14, we’re sharing fourteen reasons why we love our state. 


Encyclopedia of Bold Oregon Moments

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when Oregon’s collective conscience moved beyond a backwater timber state north of California to a kick-ass place known for its progressive ideas, tough pioneering spirit, recreational abundance, and some of the best damn eating and drinking anywhere.


Waiting for Bigfoot

For more than forty years, a ten-by-ten-foot wooden box has been sitting deep in the heart of the Siskiyou National Forest, awaiting Sasquatch.


Journey Through Time at the John Day Fossil Beds

What color is time? Is it golden, like ancient pillars cast in clay, silt and sand that soar to the sky? Does it shimmer in cool overtones of blues and greens carved into precipitous claystone cathedrals? Is it swept with brushstrokes of russet, gold, olive, buff, and black, baked in the sun and burnished by innumerable seasons of rain and snow?


Backcountry Skiing the Four Corners

From steep, narrow couloirs and 5,000-foot lines to wide-open bowls and old-growth forests dappled with glades, the variety is as bottomless as the powder.


Wings Over Klamath

For millennia, they’ve found refuge in the marshes and lakes of the Klamath Basin. But a century marked by drought and human intervention has left these birds consistently high and dry. How easy it is to fall in love with these extraordinary birds, and how hard it is not to care about their future.