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Pear Bacon Salad with Honey Glazed PecansBy Fiona MaxUsing Pear and bacon this salad is a level up from the pear and blue cheese salad combo. Add honey glazed pecans and you got yourself a killer salad. This salad is perfect for all seasons and nights of the week as it only takes 15 minutes to make.
Oregon Pinot Cherry ChutneyBy 1859 Oregon's MagazineOregon Pinot Noir and Cherry Chutney can be made in the summer and served in the winter to add astonishment to your holiday feasts.
Grilled Peach Salad with Ricotta and Fermented CornBy 1859 Oregon's MagazineThis recipe works best in concert with two others: homemade ricotta and fermented corn. It's definitely incredible with store-bought ricotta and corn salsa from Trader Joe's, if you prefer to substitute. When Oregon peaches are in season, this grilled peach salad belongs on your summer cookout menu.
Fermented CornBy 1859 Oregon's MagazineFermented corn is a tasty addition to any salad, and doesn't take long to prepare. Impress your guests with this simple dish. Note, this recipe calls for whey from our homemade ricotta. If you'd like to make it without whey, simply substitute salt water.
Fresh RicottaBy 1859 Oregon's MagazineMaking ricotta from scratch is easier than you think!