Category: Farm to Table

The Crabber Life

John Corbin, commercial fisherman and crabber, describes the challenges of crabbing today, including energy wave sites and sustainability of resources.

A Tale of Two Pumpkins

The tale of these two disparate types of pumpkins is told regularly at The Pumpkin Patch on Portland’s Sauvie Island.

Around Oregon | October 2016

Check out our picks for the best events happening around the state this month.

Oregon’s Seven Edible Wonders

Oregon's seven regions yield culinary treasures. Journey across Oregon on an edible adventure, with recipes for every dish.

The Hunt for Grandma’s Tomatoes

Farmer Glen Lehne brings new tricks to his parents' farm, and tomatoes are center-stage.

The Minty Prized Pacific Northwest

The rhizome of mint freshens Oregon soil and palates.

Huckleberry Confidential

Wild and untamed, huckleberries lure foragers back to their favorite spots—well-kept secrets that they return to year after year.

Cheddar by the Sea

For almost a century, Bandon was known for its delicious cheese.

Oregon’s Amber Waves of Grain

Tom Hunton makes his living primarily as a grass seed farmer, but these days, his passion lies with a crop…

Home Grown Chef: Braised Buffalo

Tim Eckard from The Heathman Restaurant & Bar in Portland shares his favorite way to cook bison. 



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