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Urban Wine Tasting

When you think of wine tasting, you might picture sitting in Adirondack chairs and looking out over a lush valley, drinking the product of rolling vineyards a few yards away. Sometimes, however, you just need a good glass of wine within city limits.

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Wine In A Can?!

Is it a brilliant invention for the outdoorsy Oregon oenophile, or does it mark a hipster demise of otherwise respectable wines? Pop the tab and decide for yourself.

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Thanksgiving in Wine Country

The pilgrims come by private jet, stretch limos and even on horseback, but most arrive in the family car via Highway 99W or head off the beaten path in Southern Oregon and the Gorge. It’s Thanksgiving weekend in wine country, a tradition started in 1974 at The Eyrie Vineyards in the Willamette Valley.

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Classic Wines Auction

Classic Wines Auction has raised more than $36 million for children and families throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington since 1982.

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2013 Vintage: Top Reds

One of the most entrancing and simultaneously perplexing things about wine is how every year it can be entirely different, depending on what Mother Nature delivers. A very hot growing season will result in a wine with higher sugar levels, while a cold year will produce unripe fruit. A rainy season could bring about undesirable mold mildew. A dry season (in a vineyard with no irrigation) could result in shriveled and undeveloped grapes. As knowledgeable consumers come to expect certain flavors from their favorite wineries, one of the winemaker’s many challenges is to bring a level of consistency to each vintage, no matter what the weather brings.