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Design a stylish living room from floor to ceiling with a fresh coat of YOLO Colorhouse paint, and Oregon-made furniture and accessories. Embrace a color palette that will work with your existing furniture, find a new complementary piece to anchor the space to the walls and voilà—you’ve transformed your living space without a total redo.


YOLO Colorhouse

Redefining paint since 2005, YOLO owners Virginia Young and Janie Lowe are pioneers in sustainable paint. Free of VOCs, toxins and pollutants and emitting negligible odor, this premium eco-paint is the clear choice.

$44 per gallon

2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-gracewood-design-cowgirls-floorcloth-rug                     2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-newport-layton-gran-slam-rust-pillow

Gracewood Designs                     Newport Layton

Cowgirls Floorcloth                             Gran Slam Rust

Rug | $390                                          Pillow | $25             

2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-roguewood-furniture-biomorphic-cocktail-table               2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-schoolhouse-electric-supply-company-mulberry-tripod-lamp

Roguewood Furniture                        Schoolhouse Electric Supply Co.

Biomorphic Cocktail                                 Mulberry

Table | $959                                             Tripod Lamp | $569                             

Painting Tips

• Accent walls are your friend. A splash of color on a feature wall will add depth and dimension to the space without overwhelming it. Accent walls are also your chance to play with a heavily saturated color without the risk of turning your living room into a cave.

• Determine the room’s primary use. Is it a space to curl up with a book or a place where the kids play pictionary? Select a calming color or a vibrant color to correspond with the primary use of the space.

• Don’t be afraid to look up. Painting color on a ceiling can add appeal and depth.


Another set of YOLO Colorhouse swatches.

2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-foxcraft-creations-light-switch-plate                                 2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-ann-sacks-idowaku-ceramic-tile

FoxCraft Creations                           Ann Sacks

Light Switch Plates | $24                       Idowaku Ceramic Tile | $48                 

2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-flotsam-furniture-tess-lounger-chair                         2013-jan-feb-1859-magazine-oregon-vitreluxe-glass-works-quilt-bottles

Flotsam Furniture                             Vitreluxe Glass Works

Tess Lounger | $1,500                          Quilt Bottles | $2,200        

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