More of Timber Joey’s Top 5s

Timber Joey celebrates a goal. / Photo courtesy of the Portland Timbers
Joey Webber walks softly but carries a big chainsaw. Better known as Portland Timbers extreme fan and mascot, Timber Joey, he has brought a spark and a roar to the Timbers Army and Jeld-Wen Field.
The original mascot was longtime fan, Jim Serrill, who asked the club’s management around 1978—the team then owned by lumber company Louisiana Pacific—if he could bring a chainsaw to games. Soon Timber Jim and later Timber Joey were sawing off slices of large logs with each Timbers goal. That cut is then presented to the scorer after the game. Timber Joey grew up in the logging industry in Philomath, Oregon.  


What you should know about this years team

1) Caleb Porter’s father was a logger!
2) I feel that we are close to the perfect combination of youth and experienced players.
3) Our team is pure class. Every player I have met is easily approachable and kind.
4) The chemistry between fans, players, coaches and front office staff is magical.
5) The players have a desire to bring championships to Portland.


What happens in the Timbers Army

1) Singing! Nonstop from the lineup outside the stadium well into the night after matches at local pubs and restaurants.
2) Smoke following goals billows from custom-made containers.
3) New and old fans sharing favorite moments in history.
4) Memorials given to Timber Howie and Giselle, two amazing fans who are no longer with us.
5) The demonstration of countless hours of volunteers who have prepared Tifo and Capoing, the songs that are enjoyed by all.


Top 5 Timbers Moments 

1) Ryan Pore’s Sunshine Goal.
2) Footy’s Baby Kiss following his goal in Seattle.
3) Kosuke Kimura giving up his shirt to a patient at the Shrine Hospital for Children.
4) The efforts by the front office and Timbers Army to help build Harpers Playground.
5) My 2008 visit to Providence Emanuel Children’s Hospital with Byron Alvernez, Troy Little and Scot Thompson. The group of former players went out of their way to put smiles on the faces of children who had suffered more than any child deserves. 
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