Gourmet Albacore Sampler – 4 pack


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Sold By: Oregon's Choice Gourmet


This Albacore tuna from the rich pacific waters off Oregon is individually hooked, landed, bled and air blast frozen to lock in freshness.

West coast Albacore are CONSIDERABLY LOWER in mercury than the large longline fish used in other brands.

Our handling & canning methods give you the most nutritionally delicious FINEST QUALITY TUNA YOU’VE EVER EATEN. This is what canned tuna should be!

Includes 1 each:

Gourmet Albacore tuna- lightly salted 7.5 oz can

Gourmet Albacore tuna- no salt 7.5 oz can

Jalapeno garlic Albacore tuna- 6 oz can

Alder smoked Albacore tuna- 6 oz can



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