Oregon Surfari: Behind the Scenes

A storm over Cape Kiwanda

This gallery of photos, by Nate Sheldon, is a behind-the-scenes look at 1859‘s Oregon Surfari adventure. Nate, along with editor Kevin Max and creative assistant Guy Olson, roadtripped down the coast in an RV, exploring Oregon’s surf and surf culture. The following 24 photos did not appear in the magazine and are an online exclusive. For the whole article, see the May | June issue of 1859, on newsstands now.

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  1. says: Art Fisher

    Anonymous dickbags like "Mark" show up everywhere from Baja to B.C. saying "don't expose my spots" and don't photograph my waves; like they're his to claim. Fact is this article doesn't even discuss anyplace that isn't in sight or earshot of a major U.S. Highway or a paved parking lot with flush toilets. While the article wasn't particularly revealing or inspiring to me, it was entirely appropriate. "Tradition of no cameras" – enjoy your personal delusion. I've been in salt water at west coast spots along the whole coast of North America since the late 1950s and am not offended, nor do I sense any disrespect from this periodical journalism. Ollie is a decent guy who rides mostly for the fun. If he's sponsored I'd like a list of the trips his commercial sponsors have sent him on, and an inventory of equipment furnished. Like there's $$ in Oregon surfing; gimme a freaking break. Ego takes on various forms and localism is one of the more insidious.

  2. says: Mark

    We cherish our solitude and way of life on the Oregon Coast. You can take a coastal road trip without posting photos online and printing them in your magazine. You have trampled local customs and disrespected true Oregon surfers with your exposure. Ollie Richardson represents a minority of egotistical kooks who would rather see his face in the media than respect our traditions of no cameras and no publicity. Surfing Oregon is a gift. Its sad when people don't take the time to understand traditions or chose to disrespect them. Instead of trying fund another "work" trip, please leave the cameras and pens in the valley next time.