Gary Randall’s Oregon


GARY RANDALL GOT HIS FIRST CAMERA when he was a boy in 1964. He began shooting and developing black and white film while in his 20s before making the leap into digital photography in his 40s. He has dabbled in many media forms, including painting, drawing, carving stone.

The sweetspot for his photography begins in early morning and picks up again in late afternoon—sunrise and sunset. Much of this takes place close to home on Mt. Hood. His work has been published around the world in magazines and books. He teaches digital photography as well as workshops on fine art digital landscape photography.

Here, we bring together some of his most impressive shots Oregon dawn and dusk around the state.

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  1. says: Loree Keeble

    I've been following Gary's work for several years. His masterpieces are one of the reasons I decided to relocate to Oregon from Colorado. I anxiously await to participate in one of his workshops someday! Thanks for the inspiration Gary!!

  2. says: MountainMan41

    Gary Randall is one of Oregon's finest photographers. I always look forward to his new work and often revisit his older pix.

  3. says: Susan

    Some of the most beautiful photography I've ever seen. Elicits such emotional responses and makes me with I knew my camera better!

  4. says: Glenn Miller

    I love being inspired by Gary to get out and "shoot the Northwest" He really gets into some beautiful and less traveled parts of the Northwest.