Think Oregon


Deschutes River Recordings: Singing for a Cause

Two of Oregon’s finest exports, Deschutes Brewery Beer and Portland indie music, have joined forces to help preserve stream flows in the Deschutes River through a recently launched project called “Deschutes River Recordings.” Watch the video and learn more about the project.


Macs to the People

During Lorrain Kerwood’s first year at Lane Community College, she bought a new computer, only to have it crash. She remembers approaching the problem with relentless drive. “I tried to fix it myself, but instead of pulling out the main power supply,” she says, “I managed to damage my hard drive. I turned to the Internet and found regular people, just like myself, who gave me everything I needed to know about how to repair my computer,” Kerwood recalls.


Returning to Roots

Like a blanket in a woven Indian basket, 4-year-old Wak’amu would fold herself inside the gnarled roots of an ancient juniper tree and gaze across the Oregon high desert. 


From Where I Stand: Mount Angel

Mount Angel is the German cultural center of Oregon, with a small community that’s all-in come Oktoberfest.


Top 5: Cheryl Strayed

Author Cheryl Strayed latest is a memoir about losing and finding yourself on the Pacfic Crest Trail. 


Behind the Scenes of the Editor’s Letter Photoshoot

We were working on the ‘Haunted Oregon’ piece for the September/October issue of the magazine. Because of the inexplicable oddity called The Oregon Vortex, we had to include that as part of this bewitching feature. This is a place in Southern Oregon where gravity seems to bend and mass can grow and shrink by merely crossing a threshold. Just about anyone with a scientific theory has failed to explain this phenomenon. Old Albert Einstein even left it with no satisfactory understanding. No kidding. Anyway, it was then, that Guy Olson, our design assistant, spoke up. “There’s a place like that here,” he said sheepishly. What? In more than a decade here, I had never heard of a Central Oregon vortex. Of course this couldn’t be true. Guy is a, well, guy, who shaves his head and face in with different outcomes every week, to our, and, I imagine, to his…


Laurence Bennett: The Extended Interview

Lean and tan, Laurence Bennett looks every bit the movie star. But as a production designer, Bennett is actually the wizard behind the lens. We all have a sense of what a cinematographer, an editor and a director does, but the production designer’s role is often cloaked in mystery. Bennett’s job is what he calls “the artistic author, responsible for bringing to life the entire world the characters inhabit on film.” Bennett’s film and TV credits include the just-released The Company You Keep and five-time Academy Award-winning The Artist, as well as Crash, The Valley of Elah, Freedom Writers, The Next Three Days, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “EZ Streets.” We caught up with Bennett at his restored 1904 farmhouse in Estacada. Here, with his wife, Nina, and a menagerie, Bennett is able to recharge.