The Storied Life of Alvin Josephy

By the time Alvin M. Josephy first visited Joseph, Oregon in 1955, middle-aged Josephy had dropped out of Harvard, worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood, at the age of 22 interviewed Soviet Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky and Mexico’s president Lazaro Cárdenas del Rio, worked for the New York Herald Tribune, fought in the South Pacific during WWII, recorded the landing at Guam, landed a job at TIME magazine and had four kids from two marriages.


The Woman Behind The Lens

MAUD DRAPED THE SOFT, dark cloth over her head that blocked out the rest of the world. Her eyes focused on the reflected scene, flipped upside down to be exposed onto the glass plate negative. She saw the aspen leaves shiver in the breeze, and she saw the woman’s fingers ply tulle reeds into a basket on her lap. The woman in the frame looked straight into the lens. The shutter opened—just once. Life would never be the same again.

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Eight Amazing Oregon Women

From Abigail Scott Duniway, who published a newspaper devoted to women’s rights in 1871, to Barbara Roberts, the first woman elected governor of Oregon in 1991, women have made history and shaped Oregon’s future.

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Acosia Red Elk

Striking and graceful, Acosia Red Elk leads a resurgence of American Indian jingle dress dancing while healing her body and mind.


Pittock Mansion

Henry Pittock arrived in Oregon via wagon train in 1853 at just 19 years old. In 1860, as payment for back wages, he became owner of The Oregonian and subsequently married his wife, Georgiana. So began a life of entrepreneurism for Pittock and one of philanthropy for Georgiana. In 1914, the grand home designed for the Pittocks by Oregon architect Edward Foulkes was completed, and eleven family members moved into the mansion that overlooks Portland and Mt. Hood from the city’s northwestern hills. By the early 1960s, the home lay vacant. The City of Portland bought the property for $225,000 and has since restored the home to its original grandeur. Stroll the lush gardens, take in the views and tour the museum daily. pittockmansion.org

Celilo First Salmon Feast

As they have for centuries, tribes from the Columbia Basin gather in Celilo, a tiny town on the the Columbia River where they prepare one hundred salmon.

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State Of Jefferson

The story of how a masquerading journalist, a falsely elected governor, a photo-op roadblock, a staged-for-television protest march of movie extras in Western wear and a public relations machine became the mythical State of Jefferson.


King Arthur

The life of Oregon’s amazing chess grandmaster, Arthur Dake.