Buzz Martin: The Singing Logger

With a gravelly voice telling tales of whistle-punks and hooktenders, cork boots and mollies, Buzz Martin’s songs describe felling Oregon timber and a way of life that’s all but disappeared.


For the Ladies

March brings festivals, conferences and other events celebrating Oregon women. 


How Portland Became Known as the City of Roses

Today, the symbol of the rose is pervasive throughout the metro area. Portland’s association with this non-native flower is one of the quirks that makes the city so fascinating.


3 Historic and Scenic Railroads

As train use for shipping goods has waned, organizations around the country have converted historic trains and railroads into sources of local tourism.


Encyclopedia of Bold Oregon Moments

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when Oregon’s collective conscience moved beyond a backwater timber state north of California to a kick-ass place known for its progressive ideas, tough pioneering spirit, recreational abundance, and some of the best damn eating and drinking anywhere.


Claire Phillips: Forgotten Hero

Kneeling blindfolded on the stone floor of a dungeon in medieval Fort Santiago, the prisoner heard a command: “Bow your head!” A Japanese officer stood above, gripping a gracefully curved sword.


Waiting for Bigfoot

For more than forty years, a ten-by-ten-foot wooden box has been sitting deep in the heart of the Siskiyou National Forest, awaiting Sasquatch.