cascadia forest defenders

Sound Off: Managing O&C Forestland

The lightning rod of Oregon’s backbone, the public lands and wilderness management, has become contentious and politicized once again with the Bureau of Land Management proposed options for Oregon and California Railroad Revested Lands (known as O&C Lands), a designated area of 2.5 million acres of public land in Western Oregon.

the thyme garden herb company, alsea, oregon

Restoring the Land Through Thyme

How one family-owned herb farm in western Oregon is doing its part to help Mother Earth with delicious bounty.

citizens utility board, bob jenks

How Oregon Passed the Nation’s First Coal Phase-out Bill

In March of 2016, the Citizens Utility Board led efforts to pass the nation’s first coal phase-out bill, known as the Clean Energy and Coal Transition Act, thereby eliminating the state’s use of the contested power source by 2035.

bee local, portland

Bee Local Honey Offers More than Buzz Words

Amidst an overflow of boxes and shipping materials crowding the Bee Local and Jacobsen Salt Co. retail space, Damian Magista didn’t appear rushed or scattered.