This Is Folklore

Everything in John Fish’s hat shop, This is Folklore, was either made 100 years ago or yesterday. It’s hard to tell the difference.

joey harrington

Quarterbacking Tomorrow’s Leaders

NFL star Joey Harrington spearheads the Harrington Family Foundation, an organization that provides college scholarships to promising youth in Oregon.

common ground footwear

Shoes for Progress

written by Anna Bird | photos by Bruce Ely After turning 50 and working in the shoe industry for eighteen years, John Tawney learned that his 19-year-old daughter had cancer. When she was halfway through her chemotherapy treatments, he thought, “Was this it? Selling shoes—is this what life was all about?” He sat down that night and figured out what he wanted from life and a career. He wanted to make a difference. He had a passion for consumer products. He wanted to challenge himself to do something new, and he wanted to work with great people. The umbrella motivation was to spread empathy, to start conversations that would establish common ground, encourage people to stand for progress and walk in someone else’s shoes. The metaphors kept pouring in, and the next move was obvious. In November 2015, Common Ground Footwear launched with four designs based on social issues: gender equality,…

Jake Zivin, Portland Timbers

Jake Zivin

Jake Zivin has the best seat in the house at Providence Park as the play-by-play announcer for the Portland Timbers soccer team.

green springs inn

The Green Springs Inn

The Green Springs Inn, 18 winding miles southeast of Ashland, attracts locals, tourists and travelers with a touch of adventure in their souls.

Salem Harvest, elise bauman

Reducing Food Waste to End Hunger

A nonprofit organization, Salem Harvest collects leftover crops from farms to distribute to those in need.

Office Space

Portland’s Fair-Haired Dumbell, a crowd-funded office building, is in the works at the intersection of Burnside Street and the Willamette River.

bees, honey, eugene pavlov, tricia louvar

Pollinator Plight

Writer Tricia Louvar researches the conversation around the state of bees, talking with honey producers, backyard beekeepers and scientists.