Mainstream Green

At the end of the first day of legalized marijuana for recreational use, sales exceeded $3 million statewide, and by the end of the week, Oregonians had bought more product than Colorado’s and Washington’s first weeks combined.


Encyclopedia of Bold Oregon Moments

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when Oregon’s collective conscience moved beyond a backwater timber state north of California to a kick-ass place known for its progressive ideas, tough pioneering spirit, recreational abundance, and some of the best damn eating and drinking anywhere.


Sound Off: Concealed Handgun Licenses

In the wake of a tragic mass shooting in Oregon in the fall of 2015, we talked with Penny Okamoto at Ceasefire Oregon, a nonprofit against gun violence. The director of the Oregon NRA did not return multiple emails to participate in this discussion.


Making Nuclear Energy Affordable and Accessible

In 2007, Dr. José Reyes co-founded NuScale Power based on a design he made for a small, passively-cooled, modularly designed nuclear reactor. In layman’s terms: affordable, nuclear energy for the world.


From Farm to Flask, a Family Finds Liquid Assets

Ten years ago, the Stein family was wondering what to do with the grain crops they owned in Joseph. With some family history of dabbling in moonshine, really good moonshine at that, opening a distillery seemed like a good option.


Compassion Unboxed

Weeks after adopting a foster child, Lyndsee Wunn started the nonprofit Boxes of Love, which provides foster children with a box of new clothing, stuffed animals, toiletries and books to call their own.


Oregon’s Amber Waves of Grain

Tom Hunton makes his living primarily as a grass seed farmer, but these days, his passion lies with a crop that takes up just a fraction of his 2,700-acre farm near Junction City.