Portland Practice Spaces

From basements and small living rooms to lofts overlooking the city, great music is created in surprising places.

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The New Nashville

It seemed like a simple idea: Pick our favorite of-the-moment Oregon bands and tell their stories.

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The Shed Shakers Shake Up Oregon’s Music Scene

featured photo by Blaine and Bethany Photography Cataclysmic forces sculpted The Gorge, and The Gorge has, in turn, shaped the music of The Shed Shakers. With original, progressive bluegrass awash in rich harmonies from ethereal to hard-hitting, the musicians behind the mandolin, banjo, guitar, dobro, and upright bass draw on their experiences hiking in the wilderness, mountain biking, riding powder, rafting, kayaking and simply living in The Gorge. Their songs, colored with jazz, tell stories that tap into universal themes—fear, love and friendship. The real shaking of the shed comes from fans jamming to their tunes. They don’t call themselves The Shed Shakers for nothing. Click below to listen: