Cruise Through Time in the Columbia River Gorge

Un-Cruise Adventures offers a small ship cruise on the Columbia River. What does that land look like from the force of which shaped it? This is the experience photographer Cameron Zegers pursued during an April cruise.

photos by Cameron Zegers

Aboard the S.S. Legacy, time becomes mixed up and irrelevant, a warp of nostalgic elegance, historical retrospect and modern amenities. Time slows to the pace of a coastal steamer gliding along the Columbia River or pushing against the current upstream. Turn-of-the-century décor abuts contemporary luxuries such as hot tubs, flat-screen TVs and yoga classes. A member of a local tribe talks about the traditions and cultures of the Native communities who first inhabited the area. At night, guests sidle up to a table in the Pesky Barnacle Saloon to play cards and drink whiskey. The next day an onboard wine expert explains the difference in varietals and the influence of the Columbia Gorge terroir. This river voyage is an opportunity to slow down and inquire about the vast landscape and the moments in time that have been carried along by the wind and current.

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