Oregon’s Creative Impact

Three crocheted portraits by Jo Hamilton / Photo by Joni Kabana

written by Lee Lewis Husk & Jack Despain

Oregon has long been a state of innovation—from agriculture to public policy and beyond. For this piece,1859 surveyed a wide network of advisors across many industries and throughout the state. Our query revealed a massively interesting universe of people who have created something good from nothing. In the following pages, we introduce you to a prolific subset of these people, whose ideas are having a creative impact on our lives.

Aurelie Tu: Designer
Bill Rauch: Stage director
Tony Furtado: Musician
David Logsdon: Brewer
Cory Carman: Rancher
Alan Scholz: Portable bike builder
Xihou Yin: Scientist
Heather Straw: Jewelry designer
Margarette Leite & Sergio Palleroni: Sustainable architects
Jo Hamilton: Crochet artist
Robert Henry Oshatz: Architect
Darren Orange: Painter
Scott Henry: Trellis system inventor


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