Fun in Oregon: The Tri-County Charm Trail

The Tri-County Charm Trail is an exploration of Oregon fun.

3 years ago

1859 Oregon Wineclub Profile: Anne Ebenreiter Hubatch

Anne Ebenreiter Hubatch is an up-and-coming Oregon winemaker.

3 years ago

Tyson Crowley and Evan Roberts of the Deep Roots Coalition

Tyson Crowley and Evan Roberts are serious wine geeks, but in the best possible way.

4 years ago

Oregon Pinot Noir: Try These Pairings

1859 Oregon Magazine's guide to perfect Oregon Pinot Noir pairings, from classical Pinot Noir parings to more radical Pinot pairings.

4 years ago

A Touch of Spanish in Southern Oregon Tempranillo

Red Lily Vineyards quest to create the perfect Oregon Tempranillo written by Carrie Wynkoop of Cellar 503 For Rachael Martin,…

4 years ago

J. Scott Cellars

Jonathan Oberlander, winemaker and founder of J. Scott Cellars in Eugene, loves experimenting, dabbling and playing with new varietals and…

4 years ago

The God of the Harvest and Wine

Of course, in the wine business, it’s Dionysus who looms large—the god of the harvest and wine, and the namesake…

4 years ago

Walter Scott Wines

Walter Scott Wines is a hidden gem amidst the hills outside of Salem, producing elegant, single-vineyard pinot noir and Chardonnay.

4 years ago

Jasper Sisco Wines

Jasper Sisco Wines owner Justin Paul Russell’s great-grandfather, Jasper Sisco, was a West Virginia coal miner.

5 years ago