Canyon City’s Sel’s Brewery opens the bar just once a year

by Joni Kabana Oregon is full of spirited breweries, but have you ever heard of a bar operating just one weekend a year? Head to Canyon City the weekend of June 7 and 8, when the old stone Sel’s Brewery will swing open its barroom doors and let you down a pint inside this astonishing old historical landmark. Thanks to a band of brothers—the Whiskey Gulch Gang established in 1922—Sel’s Brewery has long been the gathering place for the annual ’62 Days celebration, commemorating the year gold was discovered in the area. Get ready to kick up your heels to live music, run in the Gold Rush Run, cheer for the bed race, and witness the annual staged hanging right in the middle of town. Pull up a chair next to a local, and you might even hear a story or two about this fascinating little gem of a town.

Oregon’s Best Places to Retire

written by Lee Lewis Husk Retiring with visions of sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tais? Well, maybe not in Oregon, where you’re more likely to be pulling on a wetsuit to wade into the surf or rubber boots to walk the dog. Oregon isn’t Florida or Arizona, but it does have considerable appeal to those no longer tethered to a paycheck. Whether you’re a 45-year-old techie escaping Silicon Valley, an urbanite fleeing traffic or a rural boomer seeking great health care facilities, you’ll need a place to retire and call home.  We’ve found six towns that may tickle your retirement dreams. In selecting this list, we considered the availability and cost of housing, weather, proximity to airports, health care, cultural and recreational amenities, and the history and vibe of the place. Brookings Sun Worshippers, Camels & Cacti Not Found Here With 50 inches of rain falling between November and…

The Jennings Hotel: A Superbly Stylish Passion Project

The Jennings Hotel is a superbly stylish passion project in the lively town of Joseph written by Jen Stevenson As the autumn chill sets Eastern Oregon’s bigleaf maples ablaze and the season’s first snows paint the almighty Wallowas winter white, roll your dusty wagon down the main street of Joseph, a wee but lively Wallowa County town that’s made a name for itself as a bona fide destination for adventurers both artistic and extreme—with the boutique hotel to match. A superbly stylish passion project dreamed up by “accidental hotelier” Greg Hennes and brought to life by an ambitious Kickstarter campaign, this unlikely mecca of art, design and creative camaraderie sits on the top floor of Joseph’s Jennings Building, a two-story circa-1910 brick structure that could have been pulled straight from a spaghetti western. Inside, things get decidedly more modern—each room was designed by a different acclaimed artist, architect, or designer,…

Hells Canyon Fifty-Year Anniversary

In the late 1960s, a small band of passionate, committed conservationists battled to save Hells Canyon from additional dams on the Snake River.

My Workspace: Saddle Up with Rod Retherford

Rod Retherford is no dilettante when it comes to leatherwork. He’s been building saddles for more than twenty years. His shop, Rod Retherford Saddlery and Cowboy Art, is in Pendleton, the Eastern Oregon city famous for its annual Round-Up.

Exploring the Eagle Cap Wilderness

More than 6 miles in, the straps of my backpack begin to dig heavily into my hips and collarbone. The back of my shirt is drenched in sweat, my purple boots now the color of a dusty trail. Finally, a wooden sign at an intersection of trails is carved with guidance, the first we’ve seen in many miles. Eagle Cap, straight ahead; Mirror Lake to the left; Minam Lake to the right.