Guiding Sailors Home

  • Steen SW PDX
  • Oderman SW PDX
  • Scott Vida
  • Colt HR
  • Maltman Seaside
  • Crile N Plains
  • Tinsley Medford
  • Craven SW PDX
  • Steen NW PDX
  • Springer HV

written by Bronte Dod | photos by Talia Galvin

Before the Lighthouse Inn Restaurant and Bar became the nautical-themed bar that attracts travelers on their way to the coast from Portland, it was the first bank in the city according to current owner Charles Salyer. Today, the inn is packed with whimsical charm—wood-paneled walls, nautical trinkets and barstools that make you feel like you’re at sea (whether you’ve had too much Captain Morgan’s or not). The Lighthouse Inn is currently for sale, so stop in to explore the hidden treasures before it’s too late.

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