Running Safely in the Winter

  • Virnig - SE PDX
  • Matthews - Eugene
  • Struck – WS Fairway
  • Struck – WS Snowden
  • Tinsley – Medford
  • Bovee - Woodland
  • Moran - NE PDX
  • Hall - Hood River

I have no marketable relationship with Yaktrax, but I do want to sing their praises, if briefly.

This was my morning run.


Understandably, most people don’t see these conditions as an opportunity to head out on a run. Thankfully, most people think differently.


With Yaktracks, though, the outdoor trail running season is whatever you make of it. This morning was indeed a bit cold and snow from the past two days made for a crystalline path in the early sun. This turned out to be a cool bit of solitude in the forest and along the Deschutes River.


Some people claim–and I question that claim–that they can tell when dogs are smiling. If dogs do have a capacity to smile, Guinness, my sled dog, was doing just that.

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