Enter to Win a Winter Wellness Package from FivePine Lodge

Fivepine cabin grounds
Photo by Natalie Puls




Enter for a chance to win a rejuvenating wellness weekend at FivePine Lodge in Sisters! One winner will receive:

  • Two nights in FivePine’s luxurious Serenity Cabin
  • Daily delivery of deluxe coffee and tea service with mimosas
  • Two sixty-minute spa treatments at Shibui Spa
  • Complimentary snowshoe rental
  • A set of custom FivePine yoga mats to take home at the end of your magical getaway
Fivepine Serenity tub
Photo by Natalie Puls
Fivepine robe
Photo by Natalie Puls


The FivePine Winter Wellness Contest begins January 1, 2024 and continues through January 31, 2024. Contest winner is responsible for transportation to and from Sisters. Participation in this promotion is subject to the Contest Rules.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    My old hard working husband needs some RNR! He’s 63 and worked hard all of his life since childhood. I’d love to surprise him with this. It would be the boost that he needs for his health all around. Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. says: Anonymous

    Oh my goodness I would just LOVE the chance to check you out for the first time! I am a radio announcer in southern oregon and you know if I won I’d totally spread the love your way!

  3. says: Teresa

    We have been to Sisters many times , but have never stayed at Five Pine. Would so love to experience the luxury of the lodge.

  4. says: Maureen aka Mo Zayatz

    I was born and raised in Oregon and celebrated my 70th birthday this year. I visit family often in Oregon and would love to make some fond memories!

  5. says: Judy Shasek

    1859 Magazine touches the pulse of such a diverse array of what make Oregon so special- from the luxury of Five Pines to the wildest areas of our incredible state along with everything in between

  6. says: Anonymous

    We love to stay at Five Pines we go there every year for our wedding anniversary, my birthday and Valentine’s Day all in the same week. It would be really nice to have a stay paid for. It’s our lil slice of heaven, we love Sister’s!

  7. says: Anonymous

    I love Five Pines! We discovered it years ago & with lodging price increases, we haven’t been able to afford. I would so love to return.

  8. says: Anonymous

    My mom Helen Henderson has had a.loss her husband.of 50 years has passed the love between the 2 were amazing my moms life has change so much even where she has lived 4 9 years has changed we.thought we had til spring of this new year but due to personal things and life changes my mom had to go I know my mom could really use this pampered 2 day spa.and all

  9. says: Susan Gilchrist

    My husbands dad passed away at 87 so now we are scrambling to care for his mom with Alzheimer’s so this would be so welcomed!

  10. says: Anonymous

    We used to live in La Pine, we got married at the chapel in the pines 19 years ago in Camp Sherman in December! We never did take a honeymoon this would be perfect! We LOVE winter recreation!

  11. says: Margaret Silebi

    After working as a nurse for 42 years, I am finally retiring. With COVID and the nursing shortage, the work has been stressful! Would love a getaway with my husband to relax!

  12. says: Donna Roper

    We’ve stayed at Five Pines once years ago and loved it! What a great contest! We could really use a getaway and the Five Pine is wonderful.

  13. says: Anonymous

    2023 was a challenging year for my husband and myself, so winning a rejuvenating wellness weekend at FivePine Lodge in Sisters would be an amazing way to start the new year off right!

  14. says: Bethany Wittenborn

    Would love a chance to come back to one of the most surreal places we’ve been!! We eloped here in 2018 and whether we win or not, we look forward to our next stay!

  15. says: Barb McDonald Loe

    Been struggling with fibromyalgia as a cancer survivor, could use this restorative getaway. Would love to take photos of Sisters’ area, it has been too long since I’ve explored the area. Good luck to everyone!

  16. says: Clarissa Neuenschwander

    Thank you for this opportunity, we have been wanting to take a trip here for awhile now & I was looking into it for my 30th birthday/wedding anniversary 🙂
    Cheers to whoever wins this!

  17. says: Anonymous

    What a lovely place ! We had a crazy 2023 and some positive time would be just the perfect reboot ! I grew up in Oregon and this would be simply amazing …. So many happy Oregon memories it would be a gift to make some new ones in 2024
    This is a kind and generous offer !! Thank you

  18. says: Anonymous

    Oh how mom and myself could really use this with the loss of her husband of 55 years and my father of 55 years and all of life’s changes loss and lonlyness it would be nice to be away an pampered But I’m sure who win is n great need as well Thank u

  19. says: Anonymous

    would so love to be able to excape for a few days with my husband and get back out into nature snow would be wonderful so miss that kind of winter our souls could really use some rest Happy New year best of luck to who ever wins this lovey package.

  20. says: Beth

    After a battle with breast cancer this year followed by a job lay off, this would be incredible! Five Pines is beautiful!

  21. says: Katy

    This package would heal my soul. What a great opportunity for anyone and looks like a dream. Long 2023 could use some rest and serenity!

  22. says: Anonymous

    I was just looking at this package but realized it was out of my ballpark money wise. This would be a serious blessing to win.

  23. says: Anonymous

    Would love to win this contest at the wonderful Fivepine Lodge! This year we’ll celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!

  24. says: Tammy Miller

    To have time with my husband to enjoy each other’s time this is much needed and much appreciated a true blessing a true gift n which we would both be very grateful for

  25. says: Amy

    Oh man it would be like a honey moon.
    My husband & I got married at the end of the c19,& haven’t taken 1 yet.
    Good luck everyone!!!

  26. says: Tammy Miller

    We r exhausted my husband works 50 hours a week and then we have a.small 2 acres we take care of .Myself I work with aging disability and Personal support worker . MY SISTER LIVES WITH US N A TRAILER IM HER CARE PROVIDER .Just could use a soothing quiet relaxing time with my husband

  27. says: Angela Talbott

    WooHoo! We are ready to Live/Explore/Think as we have 4 children and having a moment with my husband for my birthday month would do the soul some good! Thank you for the chance to experience some wanderlust!!!!

  28. says: Debra Jacobson

    Oregon is our happy place and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my husband’s milestone birthday, his retirement after 40 years of service and our 31st wedding anniversary than at Five Pine’s!

  29. says: Dave Taube

    Thank you so much for sponsoring this great giveaway. My wife and I would LOVE to stay at FivePine. Maybe being lucky commenter 100 will improve my odds of winning ;).

  30. says: Val

    This would be awesome to win! I have always wanted to stay at Five Pines! Plus I love snowshoeing with wanderlust! They are a great company with lots of fun activities!

  31. says: Claudia Maurer

    After medical challenges, life challenges, we need a break. But, so many are much more in need than us. So if we are chosen, it will beautiful, it will be respected, it will be be appreciated. Regardless, thank you for the opportunity.

  32. says: John P Harbor

    I’ve had two brain surgeries in the last 3 years. A relaxing get away would be just the healing my wife and I would like.

    1. says: Gayle Brown

      I think John Harbor should have this trip.
      This would be great healing and relaxation for him. Please let him win!
      Gayle Brown

  33. says: Ellisha leal

    I’m turning 50 in July and would love to be able to stay here! We don’t get to go many places due to financial difficulties. This would be such a treat!!

  34. says: Alyssa

    My fiance and I are getting married in June after 9 years of being together. We are from the east coast but we fell in love with Oregon and have been in Eugene for almost 3 years now. Sisters is my absolute favorite town in Oregon so this would be a dream honeymoon for us! I hope we win but if we don’t, I hope whomever does win has the best time!!

  35. says: Janet DAmico

    This place looks amazing. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and now that I live on the opposite coast we always vacation on the Oregon Coast. Never have I ever explored the rest of beauty Oregon has to offer.

  36. says: Anonymous

    We love Sisters! Cannot wait for a weekend getaway with my hubby. A celebration of finishing chemo…# Covid, Cancer, Chemo, Conquered! Thanks for this opportunity!

  37. says: Pati Gould

    Serenity cabin, the mere name sounds so relaxing! We would love to experience your romantic cabin and the Wanderlust snowshoe tour and bonfire. Sounds like a lovely, perfect weekend retreat from the hectic world

  38. says: Gwen Joseph

    What a beautiful location would adore the chance to experience such a peaceful slice of heaven and the chance to reconnect with my love ❤️

  39. says: Amelia Naccarto-Coleman

    I’m 71 and have been married for 43 years. Although my husband and I have traveled a little, we never had a honeymoon. This place looks amazing so I’m gonna take a chance for a second chance at celebrating 44 years of marriage.

  40. says: Debra Jacobson

    Although we still reside in California (until we retire in 2022), Oregon is our happy place! What better way to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary than with a romantic getaway in Five Pines.

  41. says: Linda Armstrong

    My daughter was married at your beautiful venue- I would love to give her and her husband a return stay for their anniversary! Linda Armstrong

  42. says: Diana Jourdain

    I would love to win this as a surprise for my hubby who works so hard, never complaining and asks for nothing…always calls me his Princess and is such a good guy. Would be such a treat.

  43. says: pjn0524

    I’m excited for the chance to visit FivePine! We’ve been to Sun River, and to the coast of course!, but never to Sisters. I had plans for the quilt show, but COVID reared its butt-ugly head and squelched those. Hubby and I are celebrating 29 years this month (1/11), but can’t do anything for a getaway right now. A chance to escape our daily lives would be awesome! Thanks!

  44. says: Anonymous

    This would be an amazing get away for my husband and I. He is a 100% disabled Veteran, who is having a rough time with all the Covid drama and now the unrest in Washington DC. He so deserves a relaxing get a way.

  45. says: Jen Logsdon

    Would love to win this getaway. This place is SO special! We honeymooned at Five Pines and would love to go back!!!!

    1. says: Jordan

      So EXCITED that you are doing this give away again! Five Pines comes highly recommended by my family who is making the move from California to Bend in a few weeks! My fiance and I will be tying the knot at Black Butte Ranch this summer and have listed Five Pines as one of the properties to stay! My fiance has never been to Sisters before and I can’t wait to show him around we would both be very excited to enjoy your beautiful property following our wedding to start our life together!

      Jordan S.

      1. says: Anonymous

        I’ve heard the weather is very nice in California this time of year. You might consider sticking around there…
        -From a native Oregonian.

          1. says: Anonymous

            Yeah..That’s MY family YOU Native Oregonian you be talkin toSO button upcause I ‘v been around the barn more x’s than you’l ever dream of Michaelh

  46. says: Janet Davidson

    Oh how this would be a blessing. My husband suffered a massive heart attack in the fall and then lost his job due to the inability to return after his FMLA expired.

    This get away would lift our spirits and start 2019 with Happy and Healthy vibes.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  47. says: Cheryl

    This would be a wonderful birthday gift to myself!! My birthday is the next day. I have NEVER had a good birthday. I hate celebrating it but this would make my day special. I can really use a get away!!! It would be nice to pamper myself

  48. says: Tina Johnson

    My husband and I really need to get away .We are raising our disabled grandkids we have had them for 7 years and haven’t be able to leave them they are now 8 and 9 years old. And we just got amazing respite child care provider that we trust with them. My husband and I really need to reconnect. This would be amazing opportunity for us.

  49. says: Tammy McCoy

    Have never been, would love to surprise my husband and spend time together to reconnect and to unplug from the busy world

  50. says: Ann

    We would love to celebrate our anniversary here. We moved to Oregon 5 yrs ago and are still exploring all Oregon has to offer!

  51. says: Anonymous

    Hello, I stayed ther this summer for a couple of day and it was so beautiful and relaxing. I would love to win so I could have my sister-in-law and her husband stay there as are due a break from sad events in their lives.

  52. says: Michele

    It would be wonderful for my husband and I to get away to suck a relaxing location. The Sisters are had always been one of our favorite places, and this would be a much needed stress relieving getaway for us.

  53. says: Debra Joyce Rundell

    Woohoo! We love Oregon but have never been to Sisters! We need a break from rebuilding our home after it burned down in 2016. 2019 marks 39 years married. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it!

  54. says: Andrea Tompkins

    This would be an amazing, much needed retreat for my husband and I. He works tirelessly to support our family ❤️ Bonus is that we could celebrate our 3rd anniversary early

  55. says: Debra Jacobson

    My husband and I have enjoyed many vacations in central Oregon and Sisters is our happy place! A romantic getaway at Five Pine Lodge would be an amazing way to celebrate his 60th birthday as well as our 28th wedding anniversary!

    1. says: Christina

      This year my husband and I will celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary in May! We love that area and this would be a perfect getaway, as we cant afford a trip this year! Hope we win!

  56. says: Anonymous

    We bikes several of Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways on our honeymoon and very much enjoyed treating ourselves to a 5 Sisters spa day that week!

  57. says: Anonymous

    Our 10th anniversary of being together is in March! This would be an awesome getaway(we have two babies)! Always wanted to stay here! I love Sisters, OR!

  58. says: Valerie

    We love visiting Five Pines and especially love their dining options! Food is fantastic and the view can’t be beat while sitting out on the deck watching the lake while relaxing! There’s so much to do in the area near Five Pines!

  59. says: Jeannie Gorremans

    Our 20th wedding anniversary is in April and will be our 25th year together! Would be a fabulous way to celebrate.

  60. says: Connie

    It will be out 36th Year Wedding Anniversary on March 26th – a great way to celebrate. Married to my best friend, lover, protector, parent partner, business partner, personal handyman. Moved to Oregon 13 years ago and so glad we did just love it here. Celebrating for another 36 years !

  61. says: Laura J Barrera-Moore

    Staying at Five Pines for our anniversary years ago is one of our most treasured memories! Our 25th is rapidly approaching and can’t think of a better place to celebrate!