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Two Kilts Brewing Co.

Two Kilts Brewing Company was founded by two great friends in the summer of 2009. Chris and Alex had found themselves talking about starting up a brewery many times and finally after who knows really how many times it came up it was decided that a new brewery would be born. Chris had an extensive background of many many years with home brewing and had been told by many that his beers should be brought to market. Alex had many years of home brewing experience as well but also had something Chris did not, and that was a vast knowledge of commercial brewing since that was his current line of work. This made for a very comfortable relationship beyond just being good friends to start a new nano brewery. At Two Kilts Brewing Company, their mission is clear. To produce the best quality craft beer possible with great passion for their work and to spare no expense when selecting the ingredients to do so. They are here for you, looking forward to taking your taste buds for a ride you won’t soon forget, making themselves well known and respected in the craft beer industry.

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