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Southern Oregon Brewing Co.

To sample the finest beer in Southern Oregon, stop by their Tap Room. Now, don’t mistake us for one of those yuppie brew pubs, which are big on food and light on real beer. They created their simple and tasteful Tap Room for real beer lovers. Their tap room will be a casual drinking environment that is a wonderful place to hang out with your friends and have a real conversation. The Tap Room is separated from the brewery by large glass windows which will allow customers to view the activities on the production floor while enjoying their beers. Their Tap Room gives them an invaluable chance to interface with you, their customers, on a daily basis. Customer feedback will be crucial at every phase of their growth and development. The taproom and brewery tours already serve as a tourist attraction which increase local traffic and help surrounding businesses. It’s a great place for a private party too. They can even arrange catering.

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