Boneyard Brewing Co.

  • Oderman SW PDX
  • Colt HR
  • Crile N Plains
  • Steen SW PDX
  • Tinsley Medford
  • Springer HV
  • Steen NW PDX
  • Craven SW PDX
  • Maltman Seaside
  • Scott Vida

Boneyard Beer was started with one goal in mind: make a great beer! The major hurdle to overcome, however, was how to do so in large quantities without large sums of money. The solution was simple – you pull from the boneyard. Head brewer and co-owner, Tony Lawrence has been brewing for other major breweries for over 20 years. Additionally he is the owner and president of Brewtal Ind. a brewery construction and consulting firm. Every brewery has a ‘boneyard’ of old brewing equipment where old/unused equipment go to rust. Tony along with co-owners Clay and Melody Storey, opted to revive the equipment and thus… Boneyard Beer was born!