Beecrowbee was started by Will Roundy in 2004. While living near beautiful Wallowa Lake in Northeast Oregon, Will was inspired by the natural beauty surrounding his hometown of Joseph. He set out to create a full line of carefully handmade bath & body products that would lead to healthy & beautiful skin, while also nurturing the mind & spirit.

From the beginning, one of the most important aspects of the beecrowbee line was the emphasis on using only pure & natural ingredients found in nature. Through years of experimenting with new formulas and researching traditional methods, Will has perfected the precise combinations that have led to the unique lines of beecrowbee.

Will remembers seeing a photograph of a commercial soap factory where the technicians were wearing haz-mat suits. He recognized that if those materials were so toxic, he did not want to use such a caustic product on his own skin, especially for daily personal care. Knowing so many others who felt the same way, Will began the journey to create the beecrowbee line of 100% natural bath & body products that are truly a pleasure to use and healthful for your skin and being.

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