ON3P Ski Company Combines Practicality and Artistry

bill purcell, trevor leaf, portland
  • Thurman - NE PDX
  • Kellan - Hillsboro
  • Anderson - NW PDX
  • Benz - NW PDX
  • Adler - SW PDX
  • Payne - SE PDX

photos by Bill Purcell

Named after the cross streets of the garage where founder Scott Andrus started building skis, ON3P became more than a hobby in 2009. In its sixth year, ON3P builds 1,400 pairs of skis per year in the Northeast Portland facility.

bill purcell, portland

ON3P is known for its bamboo cores and carbon fiber construction that create counterbalanced, responsive skis.

Though he had a master’s in teaching, Trevor Leaf (photographed) wanted to follow his primary passions, skiing and art. Leaf took on an internship in exchange for a pair of skis at ON3P in 2011. Leaf was hired full time, and designed two ski graphics in his first year.

bill purcell, trevor leaf, portland

The production space is constantly evolving, with new stations and walls popping up each year, and equipment built and modified by ON3P employees and building manager John Wittala. Wittala built the deflasher in this photo, a wet-sanding vertical belt.

In addition to production management, Leaf designs ski art that is then pieced into graphics by the creative team. His newest endeavor is creating die-cut logos from wood veneer. Leaf also created the mountainscape murals that line the walls of the ON3P warehouse.

bill purcell, portland

bill purcell, portland

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