What City-Folk Don’t Know About Rodeo

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Rodeo champion Stevie Rae Willis.

written by Kevin Max

Discovered on the cover of our spring 2010 issue, rodeo champion Stevie Rae Willis became the focus of a Comcast SportsNet reality TV show, ‘Stompin’ Ground.’ The new rodeo program premiers on televisions across Oregon in February (CSNNW.com) and will feature Willis, a Northwest Porfessional Rodeo Association (NPRA) all-around champion from 2007-2010. The program will follow the Willises on heir ranch in Terrebonne and on the road, giving viewers a glimpse of a working rodeo family.

Stevie Rae Willis: Top 5

1. I practice two to three hours on school days and four to five hours on weekend days.

2. Rodeo horses have to learn to eat and drink on the road like they do at home.

3. Horses need chiropractic adjustments just like people. My dad looks at the horses weekly and usually adjusts them monthly.

4. We spend every weekend on the road during rodeo season competing in two to five rodeos in different towns and states.

5. At rodeos, I get nervous and that never goes away no matter how long you do it. I just want to get in the arena and go. When I put on my horse’s protective boots before we compete, he knows that feel and he gets very strong.

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  1. says: Michael

    Hi Stevie, I know that you don’t know me but I met your Sam and Russell at the Saint Paul Rodeo in the summer of 2012. I had 2 lower back surgeries and watched all of the episodes of Stompin’Grounds over and over again while layed up on the couch. ( just ask your dad if he seen me at the rodeo cause I shook both thier hands and told him to thank the whole Willis family for that program ). My main purpose for this letter is to see if there was any DVDs recorded of those episodes? If so I would like to know where to buy them. Please reply back to me to let me know. Thanks, Michael Beal in Newberg,Oregon 97132