Words with Designers: 9 Oregon Fashion Designers

Jasmine Patten

Fashion is a glamour business once it hits the runway. It’s what the rest of the world sees. Stunning models, cameras and champagne. Before that, though, creative designers toil away countless hours in their studios, shops or homes. There is considerable risk involved. People running small businesses that emanate purely from ideas. Ideas become sketches. Sketches become patterns. Patterns become garments. Garments become manifestations of who that designer is, where she’s heading in that moment, if that moment, that idea, can be trusted. With luck, that idea from that moment becomes ‘style.’ If it flops, it’s back to the drawing board of the mind and perhaps with a little less confidence. If it takes wings and flies, how long will it last?

1859 sifted through dozens of talented designers in Oregon to bring you these highly skilled nine, whose work is world class and beautiful. They all come to style and fashion from a different place and different cities, yet came together for this two-day shoot in Portland. We put together behind-the-scene videos of each designer during this shoot so that you could get to know them better.



Joni Kabana

HAIR | Oranj Studio

MAKEUP | Alima Pure

Designers_AdamArnold Designers_JasminePatton

Emily Katz


Adam Arnold


Jasmine Patten





Sandy Varzarschi


John, Rachel & Nathaniel


Renne Phillips



Liza Rietz



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