Dory Days


More than 100 years ago, dory fishermen launched their flat-bottom rowboats from Cape Kiwanda. They would push away from the sandy beach, immediately facing the challenge of surpassing the waves crashing toward them. Once they rowed past the waves, they fished the open waters for albacore tuna, Chinook and Coho salmon, rockfish and Dungeness crab. Back then it was a sustainable livelihood for coastal fishermen. Now, dories are as much a part of Pacific City’s history as a novelty of its present-day culture. There is no other surf-launching fleet like the Pacific City Dorymen’s Association in the lower forty-eight states.

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  1. says: Tiffani VanZyl

    Thanks for the pics and beautiful memories!! My Gramps and Gram were Pilot and Co-Pilot (Neal and Jean VanZyl) and he captained the Fish Tale in many firms for many years!! They lived in shore drive and i grew up in that surf. Their ashes are around that gorgeous Rock and Kiwanda will forever be my most favorite place on Earth!!

  2. says: Kevin Kimber

    as a kid I had some of the best childhood memories in the early 70's going fishing with my cousins (The Derricks) on their boat (The White Elephant)

  3. says: Claudia Reddekopp Kruger

    I only got to spend the first 10 years of my life in this amazing little town. Even still, 53 years later, my pride "runneth over" whenever I think about it or have an opportunity to tell someone stories about it. The history and the beauty and my wonderful memories of my childhood there, are my treasures.