Oregon: Fact or Fiction

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written by Lucy Burningham

What is Oregon really known for and does it square with reality?

Oregon is widely known for bicycle infrastructure and mossy forests, Tonya Harding and the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Are we really a sustainable state? Are we global leaders in hazelnut production? We claim Ken Kesey as a native son, yet was Oregon ever really on the bus? Ask someone to name the one thing that symbolizes Oregon, and you’ll be treated to a range of answers.

In this feature we unpack some of the state’s most famous myths and legends, from beaches to bucking broncos. Click any link below to be taken to that story. Or start with the first one and browse the whole feature.

Pendleton Round-Up

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Sustainable Living

Ken Kesey



Oregon Coast

Pinot Noir


Where Are They Now?

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  1. says: Mark

    One thing I haven't seen on this website or the facebook page is that Oregon is known for having the second largest Gold Rush only to that in California in 1849.
    In fact, gold was first discovered in Oregon in 1852 when sailors from Crescent City, California ventured north into Josephine County, Oregon looking for that elusive "yella metal" and founded an area known as "Sailors Diggins", the first ever gold camp in Oregon.
    Since then, Oregon has been a thriving gold producer mainly in the extreme NE corner and most all of the SW of the state.
    I was raised west of Portland and lived last in the small hamlet of O'Brien, five miles from the border with Cali.
    I fancy myself as a history buff, particularly when it comes to gold mining in Oregon. Please let me know if you would like to learn more or possibly have an article written about this lesser-known industry in the great state of Oregon!