11 New Oregon Breweries

With over fifty breweries operating within the city limits of Portland, there is no shortage of
new beer to explore and discover. Though Portland boasts more breweries than any other
city in the world, Portland isn’t the only hub for suds. Oregonians across the state clamor for
delicious pints of craft brews from neighborhood breweries. In an industry contributing almost
$3 billion to our local economy and providing over 29,000 jobs in our state, breweries are
becoming the poster child for Oregon’s economic recovery and industry. Whether you’re on
a road trip or tucked away into a quiet corner of our state, there is bound to be beer brewing
nearby. (There isn’t a brewery near you yet? Wait a week. One will come.)


Pleasures of the Palate at Cape Kiwanda

Travel is a multi-sensory experience, extending well beyond just what you see, and Pacific City is a virtual playground for the senses, especially the palate. A prime spot for savoring is at the oceanfront suites of the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda, steps from the world-renowned microbrews and expert food pairings at Pelican Pub & Brewery and locally roasted coffee at Stimulus Espresso Cafe. With a charming and luxurious beachfront cottage that includes a fully equipped, contemporary kitchen, you also can hit the local seafood and farmers’ markets and enjoy summer’s bounty right at your own table, with one of the West Coast’s most spectacular views, of Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean.


Quite the Pair: Beer and Whiskey Pairing, Oregon Style

Long before they were coupled as the classic boilermaker (whiskey with a beer back), beer and whiskey shared the most humble beginnings—sugar-rich grains steeped in hot water. This “wash” provides the building blocks to both of these quintessential American drinks. Chemistry In the same way malt lays the foundation for beer, so it goes for whiskey. Some craft distillers are adding ale yeast to ferment their whiskey wash, enjoying the subtle fruity and floral nuances imparted on their final product. The same base can be used by brewers, though they add hops to the wash (known in the beer world as “wort”) before fermenting it. Distiller Andrew Tice of Portland’s House Spirits has its own type of chemistry with Breakside Brewery in Milwaukie. The two entities have paired to produce a high quality “distiller’s beer” base. “Breakside … produces an un- hopped beer for us consisting of 100% Northwest pale…


Beers Made By Walking

Imagine “drinkable landscape portraits” of your favorite forests, parks and lakes in Oregon. Would you taste thimbleberry on the Pacific Crest Trail in Ashland? Could you sip the cool blue of Crater Lake? What would the Wildwood Trail in Portland’s Forest Park taste like? One man is bringing that very opportunity to beer enthusiasts across our state with Beers Made By Walking. Challenging local brewers to literally take a hike, Eric Steen connects brewers with local guides to explore regional areas, identify edible and medicinal plants along the trail, and then use the plants as inspiration for a new brew. The beers help raise money for various local, environmental, nonprofits. photo by Eric Steen Roots Organizing events on a situational and freelance basis, Steen started in 2008 with an Art & Beer event at the Portland Art Museum, where he invited Lucky Lab, Lompoc and Laurelwood Breweries to make beer…


Big Woody Recap

Fans of barrel aged beer and small-batch whiskey braved the winter chill January 17 and 18, 2014 at the perfectly suited Leftbank Annex in Portland to celebrate the inaugural Big Woody Festival. Inspired by the five-year running Little Woody Beer Festival in Bend, Oregon, the Big Woody Festival celebrates the historical relevance of barrel aged beers, featuring a wide range of beer styles. 


Oregon Cideries

It’s as American as apple pie. Hard cider was the beverage of choice in early New England, and a renaissance is now sweeping the nation. What does the iconic apple mean to our local agricultural and beverage industries in the Pacific Northwest? Consumed with all meals by people of varying age and socioeconomic status across Colonial America, cider was the safe alternative to unreliable drinking water. By the 19th century, hard cider consumption had reached 32 gallons per person annually. Despite the utilitarian and life-sustaining history of cider, its popularity began to wane at the turn of the 20th century, and brought to its knees due to Prohibition. Lorin Gelfand of Square Mile Cider Company elaborates: “Our forefathers drank cider on a daily basis. In fact, some early presidential candidates handed out cider at their campaign rallies. There really is a rich cider history in the United States that most…


Defining Stouts + Porters

As the weather turns colder, Pacific Northwesterners look toward winter—hearty stews and melted sandwiches warm our bellies, washed down with complimentary porters and stouts. These flavor-packed beers are perfect companions for everything the chilly months have to offer. The creativity of Oregon brewers shines as traditional styles, born in England and Ireland, are given a Northwest twist. In a state saturated with pioneering spirit, Oregon’s beers reflect the rich historical heritage of our forebears, as well as the skill and innovation of today’s brewmasters.


Joseph Oregon

Mutiny Brewing Company | The new brewery in town not only has a solid beer list, but a menu that surpasses most brewpubs.   Embers Brewhouse | Summer in Joseph is practically defined by sitting on the patio with a beer and a pizza at this local brewhouse. Live music on the outdoor stage is a nice compliment to the unobstructed view of the mountains. Old Town Cafe | 541.432.9898 The wait can be long, but breakfast in this tiny cafe is worth the wait.   R& R Drive-In | 541.432.9000 Fast food never tasted so good. The independently owned burger and ice cream joint serves cones this size of the Wallowas for less than a buck.   Vali’s Alpine Restaurant | Fine dining, alpine style. Check the website and make a reservation, because this cozy restaurant is tiny and only serves one Central European dish per night.  …