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Duck al Pastor with Sautéed Purple Kale and Farro Power Salad

Yields6 ServingsPrep Time15 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time30 mins

Delicious duck!

For the Main
 6 duck breasts
 6 oz al pastor marinade
 24 oz farro
 4 oz pineapple
 2 oz pepitas
 2 oz pozole
 12 oz purple kale
 12 oz caramelized onion puree
For the Al Pastor Marinade
 24 oz guajillo
 16 oz ancho
 8 oz achiote paste
 32 oz vinegar blend
 32 oz white onion
 8 oz garlic
 4 oz cumin seeds
For the Main

Vacuum the skinless duck with al pastor marinade and cook to 136 degrees in an immersion circulator.


Season the duck to taste and then mark the duck on a grill.


Toss the duck together with the faro, pineapple, hominy and pepitas and sauté until it is hot.


Separately, sauté the kale in a bit of extra virgin olive oil until the kale is just barely soft.


Heat up the caramelized onion puree in a sauce pot.


Plate the dish with a circle of onion puree, then stack a bit of the salad in the middle of the circle.


Shingle the breast over the farro and garnish with fried kale and crispy duck chicharones.

For Al Pastor Marinade

Dissolve the achiote paste in the vinegar and combine all ingredients in a blender.


Thin the mixture with water and adjust seasoning with salt as needed.

Nutrition Facts

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