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This is the 1st time ever that the Oregon State Parks has licensed their official brand mark to a partner. To honor this milestone, we created a new version of our top selling product. This is the new 90″ outdoor camp blanket called the HELLAGOOD XL featuring the world famous Oregon State Parks shield.

5% of sales donated to the Oregon State Parks’ “Park Explorer Series.”

Unique blanket features:

-Hand built in Oregon,

-Proprietary AdventureTek fabric: Real waterPROOF fabric that is machine washable

-Plush furry fleece on the body side and a pleasant soft hand on the waterPROOF side

-Lifetime Adventure Warranty

[email protected]″ x 90″

Proven uses: ground cover when sleeping and sitting on wet ground: game day blanket for when its cold, windy and/or wet; place over any item you don’t want to get wet from rain or dew; sleeping blanket cover during the cold and frosty – dew season; dog and kiddo blanket; and 100 other everyday uses

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HELLAGOOD XL 90" Camp Blanket Oregon State Parks Edition

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6 in


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