Large Radial Pendant


Hand carved from fine china with a harlequin pattern texture. Finished with gold fill components and chain.

Size is approx: 1″ long, 2″ wide, 16″ chain

Material+Movement was inspired by a simple broken dish. I spent over a decade as a glass artist cutting, grinding, and polishing blown glass sculptures. I transferred my skills to my favorite plate that shattered in the kitchen one day as a way to reclaim the shards and make them relevant once again. My broken china is now a beautiful, one of a kind necklace.

Using the composition on the plate, elements are hand cut, thinned, and carved into simple shapes. No settings or metal borders are needed as the ceramic itself is polished on all sides. These shapes are then arranged into compositions informed not only by each element but the imagery on their surface. The jewelry is finished using gold fill and sterling silver findings.


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