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Caroline’s Fancy CocktailBy adminCaroline's Fancy, named for William Ladd's wife, this "improved cocktail" is perfect for warming up by the fire during these cold winter months.
Tilton SourBy 1859 Oregon's MagazineThe Tilton Sour is a wonderful drink for the holidays that might soon become your favorite!
Ballycotton ToddyBy 1859 Oregon's MagazinePortland's British Isles-inspired gastropub Raven & Rose is known for its eclectic menu paying homage to the cuisine rooted and loved by our neighbors across the pond. From Shepherd's Pie to Filet of Beef with Yorkshire pudding to the Full Irish Breakfast, guests are sure to find elevated British Isles-inspired fare. Few people know, however, that their praised beverage program also pays homage to the British Isles. This fall, take the Ballycotton Toddy, a unique cocktail complete with Irish Whiskey and Carrageen Moss (also known as Irish Moss) - a seaweed that grows abundantly off the south and west coasts of Ireland and traditionally used in desserts.