Dreaming of the Pac-12

interview by Anna Bird featured photo by George Mullinx

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SPORT | Volleyball at Oregon State University


AGE | 21



Why did you choose Oregon State University?

It’s been my dream to play in the Pac-12, since I started playing in fifth grade. (It was the Pac-10 at that time, but I’ve always wanted to play for this conference.)


Your freshman year, your team had a pretty tough year. And the next year your team advanced to the Sweet 16. What happened in that year?

I think we had a super strong group of senior leaders, or just a core group of girls who knew what it took for us to not lose every single game. And our off-season was crazy; we just worked extra hard in practices and we pushed each other.


You guys beat University of Arkansas-Little Rock to advance to the Sweet 16 that year, ending its huge winning streak. What was that like?

I think there were twelve match points at one point. We were just battling back and forth, and we just had the mindset that we were going to win it. This was a big moment for Oregon State.


Your season last year ended with a loss to the Ducks. What is it like when you play University of Oregon—is that rivalry as intense as it seems?

Yeah, I would say so [laughs]. Oregon is definitely our biggest rival. We open and close the season with them, too. There’s definitely some tension and a good rivalry between us.


Last year, you had twelve players selected as All Academic, including you. How do you find the balance as a student athlete, while still enjoying college?

Our team has always highlighted—even during my recruiting process—that this team is very hardworking in the classroom. I’ve seen all of the seniors who stay in on the weekends to just get things done; I’ve definitely had to learn time management.


Do you have any advice for young kids who have an interest in pursuing collegiate sports?

I’d say, if you want to, there’s a way to do it. It’s just getting your face out there, and club volleyball has a huge impact with being recruited, so making a video or contacting a ton of coaches, and see what responses you get.


It’s your senior year. What are you studying, and do you have any plans for after graduation?

I am studying kinesiology. My plan is to apply to physical therapy school. I would really like to work with a group of active people, so whether that’s doing physical therapy with athletes or in an active community like Bend that would be really cool.

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