Oregon’s Hidden Gem list: Diners, Trails, Destinations

The top 12 hidden gem guide to Oregon … From coffee shops to botanical gardens, these spots are some of Oregon’s most charming and under the radar places. Maxwell Point Tunnel in Oceanside In the coastal town of Oceanside, just visiting Maxwell Point, is worth it. Paragliders’ bright sails dot the sky and craggy rocks rise out of the ocean, just off the shore. Hollowed into the Maxwell Point hill is a dreamy tunnel that spits out onto a peaceful cove. The tunnel makes for some haunting photos. While you’re there, lunch at Roseanna’s cafe, a cozy old school restaurant serving up fresh seafood and homemade sweets. Bagby Hot Springs in Mt. Hood National Forest Two hours outside of Portland lies Bagby Hot Springs. The 1.5 mile hike into the springs takes you through the lush Mt. Hood National Forest and along the Clackamas river. The hot spring’s decks were … Continue reading Oregon’s Hidden Gem list: Diners, Trails, Destinations