Beerlandia: Patio Beers

Terminal Gravity Brew Pub

written by Beau Eastes

The two sweetest words in the English language just might be “patio beers.” With the right group of buddies and a sun-soaked deck, a plain old pale ale or basic bitter can be elevated to a near religious experience. (In-the-shower beers have been known to exhibit similar traits.) Fortunately, our state is flush with outstanding outdoor beer-drinking options. Here are some of our favorites:

Terminal Gravity Brew Pub


How many people have planned hiking trips to the Wallowas, in large part so they can have cool-down beers in the park-like setting at Terminal Gravity? Grab a picnic table, order a pint and some food, and plan your next great adventure in Eastern Oregon.

Terminal Gravity Brew Pub, a cool respite in Enterprise. Photo credit: Talia Jean Galvin

Crux Fermentation Project


It blows the mind to think how this former AAMCO transmission shop in the heart of a light industrial area has transformed into a premier outdoor imbibing spot in Central Oregon. Crux’s expansive lawn, with fire pits, cornhole and picnic tables make random Saturdays feel like a mini brew festival. The sunsets are spectacular from the brewery’s slightly elevated perch in the middle of town, and the beers are some of the best in Oregon.

Crux Fermentation Project’s sprawling lawn.

Alesong Brewing & Blending


We love Alesong’s new bar at 5th Street Market, but our heart will always be with their brewery 20 miles southwest of the city in Willamette Valley wine country. Brewery tours and beer pairings at this country pub offer a Tuscany-like environment at the base of the sprawling King Estate Winery. Make an appointment if you’re not a member of the brewery’s Blender’s Circle, because it’s undoubtedly one of Oregon’s best tasting experiences.

Alesong Brewing & Blending’s bucolic setting.

Twenty First Ave Kitchen & Bar


If you’re looking for an outdoor oasis in the middle of the city, pop into 21st Avenue in northwest Portland and head to this back patio with four decks, a pond, music and non-smoking section.

Solera Brewery


Is this heaven? No, it’s a brewery outside of Hood River with awe-inspiring views of Mount Hood. Yes, it’s worth a day trip from Portland. Or Bend. Or Ontario.

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