Oregon Wheat: A Bountiful Harvest

Beer out in the rolling hills of Maupin, OR.

A gallery of Oregon’s Wheat

photography by Emily Joan Greene

Oregon’s bounty is on display year-round, from garlic to Christmas trees and everything in between. The state’s farmers produce more than 40 million bushels of wheat every year.

The Padget family of Padget Ranches, in The Dalles, and the Dulings of Dulings Natural Pasture in Maupin, gave us the inside scoop on this year’s harvest.

Darren Padget with wheat on the Padget farm.more
Dale Padget poses for a photo in front of his combine.more
(From left to right) Dale Padget , Kylie Padget, Logan Padget, Brenda Padget and Darren Padget. Three generations of farming working all together. Dale is father to Darren and grandfather to Kylie and Logan.more
Dale Padget (left) and Darren Padget head back to their combines to finish harvest.more
Darren Padget gets out of his combine during harvest.more
The Padget family during harvest.more
The Padget family cutting wheat for harvest.more
The Padget family cutting wheat for harvest.more
Josh Duling's girlfriend Kylie helps empty grain to be takent to the grain binmore
Jerry Duling (left) with his two sons, Nathan Duling (middle) and Josh Duling out on the farm in Maupin, OR.more
Wheat in Maupin, ORmore
The Duling family farm during harvest.more
Grain being emptied out at the duling farm.more
Josh Duling's dog walks around the farm.more
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