Savory Cafe & Pizzeria


Mike Bowers and his wife, Nancy, lived in Hawaii for over twenty years. They want to share their lifestyle and philosophy with their guests. There is no dominant group in Hawaii that sets the cultural tone, since the islands represent a mix of Pacific Islander, Asian and Caucasian influences, making the food an amalgam of these influences. At Savory Cafe, the idea of paradise is a funky fusion of dishes from the cultures of Mexico, the Mediterranean and Hawaii, keeping it all healthy, simple and island fresh.

In June 2009, after six months of learning the business and recipes, Mike Bowers purchased Savory Cafe, and immediately started on a dining room remodel. Complete with surf photography from Hawaii and a new mural depicting the North Shore, Mike and Nancy would like to invite you to come in, sit back, relax and savor the flavor among the swaying coconut trees and crashing waves … Nature is delicious.

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