Sara Bella Upcylced

The original Sara Bella* was founded in 1991. The name, Sara Bella started with owner and designer, Sara Weiner. She lives in Bend, Oregon, with her partner and their daughter, Bella.

The original Bella was Sara’s grandmother, who taught her how to sew as a little girl. Bella lived a sustainable, honest lifestyle that we all strive to live. She made her own clothing and her food was made from only fresh ingredients with nothing more than her bare hands and love for her family.

There was nothing artificial about Bella–in her spirit or her practice on this planet. In 2010 Sara launched a new retail business, Sara Bella* Upcycled, this time with a greater mission: to teach the methods used to create environmentally friendly goods in the United States as well as abroad.

Today, all the company’s work is done in honor of the earth. Sara Bella* Upcycled uses only trash–plastic bags and banners that would otherwise be tossed into the landfill. The products are 99% upcycled plastic bags and banners. The only parts of the products that aren’t made of trash are the thread and the metal fittings, the zippers and the plastic clips. Thank you for your interest in our products and in supporting our efforts to decrease trash, clean up the earth, and save countless birds and marine life from the growing volumes of plastic that end up in the earth’s oceans every year.

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