Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee
Proud Mary Coffee
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written by Jen Stevenson

Around this time of year, wintering in Australia starts to sound tempting, especially the sun, surf and sparkling ale parts. But if snowbirding Down Under isn’t in the cards, try the next best thing: a leisurely brunch at the new Melbourne-born coffee roaster and café that’s quickly captured the hearts of finicky Portland food lovers. Although best known for its rigorously sourced and roasted beans, Proud Mary is equally adept in the dining department, with a vibrant seasonal menu of brunch dishes that taste as good as they look, no small feat considering the kitchen’s eye for artistic detail. The breakfast sashimi is an exquisite tangle of wild-caught Oregon albacore, soft-boiled egg, heirloom carrot, fennel and fronds, the mile-high avocado toast puts other versions to shame, and the ricotta hotcake is an Instagram come to life—a pillow of vanilla-bean-flecked cake topped with a soft dollop of lemon curd cream, shards of meringue, cherry-syrup-macerated berries and edible flower petals. Serious coffee drinkers would be remiss not to take advantage of the flawless flat whites and cerebral espresso flights, but those who eschew Portland’s favorite bean can be assured of an excellent tea, juice and smoothie selection—whether you’re in the mood for a Smooth Barney, or a Banana Hammock.


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