Oregon Trail Brewery


The Oregon Trail brewing process is very simple. The grain is mashed using single-temperature infusion and is then sparged and drained into the direct-fired brew kettle. During the boil, kettle hops are added based on the particulars of each beer’s recipe. Thirty minutes before strikeout, Irish moss is added to the kettle along with the finishing hops. The bitter wort is then drained into a hop strainer and pumped through a plate chiller into one of the fermentors. In-line wort oxygenation is accomplished en route to the fermentor. Last year, Oregon Trail Brewery produced 519 bbl of beer, 90% draft with the remaining 10% as 22-oz bottles of the white ale (hand bottled at the brewery). Wills and Bockmore expect to hit full capacity (1200 bbl) in early 1996. This event will be the next major transition for Oregon Trail Brewery.

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