Recreate: The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda


If you’re looking for the quintessential beach getaway, The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda offer sweeping ocean views, luxurious yet comfortable amenities, and quick, convenient access to the classic beach town attractions of Pacific City.


When you’re not walking the trails of the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, sand boarding down nearby sand dunes, biking through the coastal town, flying kites along the beach, kayaking in the ocean, or discovering tide pools rippling with sea life, you can relax on your private beachfront patio, listen to the sound of the rolling waves and breathe in the ocean air.


The suites are steps away from the ocean, and only minutes away from local seafood and farmers’ markets. You can bring fresh crab and salmon, along with locally grown fruits and vegetables, back to your fully equipped kitchenette. Gas up the grill, and enjoy your homemade meal with an unbeatable view of the ocean from your deck.


If the night calls for award winning microbrews and a meal that’s prepared for you, head to the Pelican Pub & Brewery, where brewmaster Darron Welch and chef  Ged Adyelott have combined talents to produce an innovative menu, each item with a recommended beer pairing.


At the end of a day of exploring, relax in your own jacuzzi tub, and let the satisfaction of your vacation soak in. Fall asleep to the sound of the sea, wrapped in eco-friendly bamboo linen sheets, and wake up rejuvenated. Head to Stimulus Espresso Café for locally roasted coffee and pastries. However you spend the morning, you will be ready for another day in your own seaside getaway.


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  1. says: Mary Hamilton

    My husband and I would love to visit the Oregon coast! The water is so beautiful and these cottages would be a perfect retreat for us! We are close to retirement and can think of no place more beautiful to spend the rest of our life. Thank you for offering a wonderful opportunity for us to come and stay. We would enjoy it with family and friends!

  2. says: Murray Cooksley

    Cape Kiwanda one of the beautiful spot on the Oregon Coast! Love the view from the Pelican Brew Pub! Great place for a cold beer or one of Oregon's fine wines! Sand boarding on the dunes. Flying a kite or taking a nice walk on the beach or drive on beach one of the few places you can still drive on the beach! But watch out for the Dorey Boats that go in and out on Beach!

  3. says: Don Porter

    I met my late wife in Oregon in the 80's. We spent most of our life in San Francisco. I miss Oregon so much!

  4. says: Jessica smith

    This looks like a beautiful place. My husband and I did not get a honeymoon- I would love to surprise him with this. Thanks for providing it.

  5. says: Sandy Marsonette

    My favorite beach area. Love being tucked in by the hill and letting the grandkids play in the water.

  6. says: Ronald Bowers

    Just what my wife and I need after a stressful school year with a teenager. A weekend to ourselves. Looks like a great place to visit…

  7. says: Danette Johnson

    I never knew this was there. Lived in Oregon all my life till recently. Very relaxing by the photos.

  8. says: Barbara Lopez

    I would love to win this vacation….Been with my husband for 31 years and we have only had 1 real vacation in all that time. This would be awesome

  9. says: Carole Jones

    I would love to vacation on Cape Kiwanda…..I love Oregon and miss it so much but I will be back someday!

  10. says: troi ann betts

    Would love so much to see the Oregon coast for the first time.Everybody says it is SO beautiful. Winning a beach vacation package would be start the of a great time….

  11. says: Christy Stahl

    I love Pacific City and would welcome the opportunity to explore the true essence of what this town is all about!!!

  12. says: Lindy B

    LOVE oregon although i'm a California girl at heart….love the cool temps of the coast and the serene days and nights…thanks so sharing your state with me!!